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“Commodity Money in Colonial America” – Rothbard

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February 24, 2011
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“As an outpost of Great Britain, colonial America of course used British pounds, pence, and shillings as its money. Great Britain was officially on a silver standard, with the shilling defined as equal to 86 pure Troy grains of silver, and with silver as so-defined legal tender for all debts (that is, creditors were compelled to accept silver at that rate). However, Britain also coined gold and maintained a bimetallic standard by fixing the gold guinea, weighing 129.4 grains of gold, as equal in value to a certain weight of silver. In that way, gold became, in effect, legal tender as well.” Read more

“Commodity Money in Colonial America” 
Murray Rothbard 
Mises Daily, February 22, 2011. 
Via the Ludwig von Mises Institute. 

Image by kongsky / FreeDigitalPhotos.net.