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New Book on Sound Money by Steve Forbes and Elizabeth Ames

Posted by Alex Chafuen
August 14, 2014
in Books

In a recent piece in, contributor Mark Hendrickson writes “one of my favorite passages in “MONEY” was when the authors drew an ironic contrast between the fate of John Law, who had to flee France in disgrace after his ruinous paper money scheme blew up two centuries ago, and our present tendency to lionize […]

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1920 Depression v. Great Depression

Posted by Devin Roundtree
August 11, 2014
in Blog

There is a reason why you’ve never heard of the depression that began in 1920. While the stats vary, the first year of the 1920 Depression was worse than the start of the Great Depression in many ways, and was arguably the most deflationary year on record. However, during the 1920 recession, the government did […]

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