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Op-ed: The Greek referendum: Will economic principles prevail?

July 8, 2015

Ultimately, an economy can only sustain itself if it produces more than it consumes. That’s a lesson that the Soviet Union learned the hard way decades ago, explains Atlas Network Sound Money Project Senior Fellow Jerry Jordan in a column for Forbes, but Greece seems determined to continue its high levels of spending and consumption at […]

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Op-ed: Was the euro mistake?

July 7, 2015

Originally posted on the Atlas Network page With Greece rejecting the structural reforms and other terms that it would need to implement for yet another bailout of its crushing government debt, economists are questioning whether the eurozone and its shared international monetary system were doomed to fail from the start. Writing in The Hill, Atlas Network Sound Money […]

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On interest rate targeting

July 6, 2015

Previously I discussed inflation targeting as a popular rule for governing central bank behavior. In this post I will discuss interest rate targeting, another popular recommendation that has its own costs and benefits. The most prominent interest rate rule is the Taylor rule, devised by John Taylor of Stanford University. Taylor originally proposed the rule […]

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