Saturday, 30 August 2014


Europe’s depressing dog days of summer

August 27, 2014

This is a guest post from Steve H. Hanke, a Professor of Applied Economics at the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD and a Senior Fellow and Director of the Troubled Currencies Project at the Cato Institute in Washington, D.C. You can follow him on Twitter: @Steve_Hanke As we entered the dog days of summer, […]

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Bitcoin: A New Medium of Exchange or a New Investment Vehicle?

July 21, 2014

By Tien Nguyen Bitcoin has been a significant innovation of electric money for the past five years and with a fascinating and breakthrough characteristic, it is undoubtedly true that Bitcoin is marking a whole new turning point in money’s features, particularly in money transaction. Bitcoin is the first decentralized digital currency and compared to other […]

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Worst Economic Predictions

Posted by Devin Roundtree
July 15, 2014

America’s monetary and fiscal policies rest upon the ideas of some of the most prolific economists since the turn of the 20thcentury. Ironically, these economists put their theories to test in making bold predictions, only to be proven dead wrong. #4 Paul Samuelson, 1943 Forecast: Post WWII Great Depression Thanks to Samuelson’s #1 selling economic […]

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Sound Money for Ukraine

Posted by Alex Chafuen
February 26, 2014

Another brilliant piece by Judy Shelton: “As Ukrainians mourn their dead and vow to prosecute their recently deposed leader, the valor of those who died must now inspire others to build a new Ukraine worthy of their struggle and sacrifice. Democracy and a better future must be secured in pragmatic terms. Economic benefits must begin […]

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Thoughts on Jefferson and the Dollar at Monticello

Posted by Gonzalo Schwarz
February 11, 2014

The following speech was given by Dr. Judy Shelton on January 30th, at the Jefferson Library in Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello: [Dr. Shelton] Thank you very much, very pleased to be here. It’s an honor to be introduced by Andrew O’Shaughnessy… I taught with your father, who is professor emeritus at the graduate business school at […]

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