Sunday, 30 April 2017

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The Regression Theorem: Practical Applications

April 27, 2017

In my last post, I offered a brief summary of the regression theorem and provided some historical context to explain why it is an important idea.  In this post, I will trace some practical applications of the regression theorem.   Commodity monies can emerge naturally. The first practical application of the regression theorem concerns commodity […]

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What the Gold Standard Is and Why Government Killed It

April 19, 2017

This piece originally appeared in Learn Liberty The gold standard is both a strongly advocated and vehemently opposed monetary regime. Both positions, however, usually rely on misconceptions on what the gold standard actually is and why it failed. Below, I will discuss (1) what the gold standard is, (2) what is not, and (3) why […]

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Here’s Where All That Chinese Money Came From

Posted by Jerry Jordan
April 12, 2017

This piece originally appeared in Forbes Have you read about tens of billions of U.S. dollars — sometimes over $100 billion — “flowing out of China” every month? Makes one wonder where, how and when China got the plates, paper and special ink to start printing American currency. Of course, it is all electronic money, […]

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Why Inflation Is Not Helping European Stocks

Posted by Daniel Lacalle
April 11, 2017

The Euro zone CPI data continues to show the rising trend we commented here (read). In January inflation rose by 1.8% year-on-year, the highest reading since February 2013. However, while inflation expectations rise, markets remain stale. The stock market is not showing any boost from this reflation trend. Why? Inflation is up mainly due to energy’s positive […]

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Let’s get back to basics. What is a price?

March 30, 2017

A price is an exchange ratio: you must give up a certain amount of one good in order to get another good.  Barter economies have prices, which are expressed as ratios of the goods themselves.  In money-using economies, prices are expressed in the economy’s medium of exchange, which frequently makes the medium of exchange the […]

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Cash and the Zero Lower Bound

March 22, 2017

This is the fourth (and, perhaps, final) post on Ken Rogoff’s The Curse of Cash. As summarized in an earlier post, Rogoff argues that the benefits of banning cash (e.g., preventing crime, enabling effective monetary policy) exceed the costs (e.g., a reduction in financial privacy). He does not attempt to estimate the benefits and costs […]

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