Friday, 18 August 2017

Money Timeline

Past, present and future of money.

Tough Questions for the Fed

July 17, 2014

This past week, Janet Yellen, chairwoman of the Federal Reserve, delivered her semi-annual monetary policy report to congress, confidently supporting the Fed’s ultra-low interest policies. While critics in the legislature and economists alike were quick to question her unabashed conclusions, market investors continued to exploit capital gains on their portfolios. In her recent article, published […]

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Worst Economic Predictions

Posted by Devin Roundtree
July 15, 2014

America’s monetary and fiscal policies rest upon the ideas of some of the most prolific economists since the turn of the 20thcentury. Ironically, these economists put their theories to test in making bold predictions, only to be proven dead wrong. #4 Paul Samuelson, 1943 Forecast: Post WWII Great Depression Thanks to Samuelson’s #1 selling economic […]

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More Credit, More Money: Poland and the Euro-zone

Posted by Gonzalo Schwarz
November 11, 2013

By Steve H. Hanke Money matters — it’s a maxim of Prof. Milton Friedman that I repeat often in my columns, and to my students in class. Since the Northern Rock bank run of 2007 — the “opening shot” of the recent financial crisis — the money supply, broadly measured, in Poland and the rest […]

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A Hard Anchor for the Dollar

Posted by Gonzalo Schwarz
November 8, 2013

By Warren Coats After years of destabilizing monetary policy by the Federal Reserve, there is growing sentiment that our fiat currency system should be replaced with a hard anchor. Yet, the gold and silver standard anchors adopted in much of the world over the two centuries preceding the United States’ abandonment of gold in 1971, […]

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To Make Sense of the Coins Act, Follow the Money

Posted by Gonzalo Schwarz
August 26, 2013

by Steve Hanke Proposed legislation to abolish the dollar bill and replace it with a dollar coin is government at its worst. The American people might be surprised to learn that for the past 20 years a handful of lobbyists and lawmakers—mostly from states with mining and metal-processing interests—have been pushing a proposal to take […]

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Hayek contributions give a forward push to Bitcoin

Posted by Alex Chafuen
August 21, 2013

In an article published by CNBC, Frank Schaeffler, a member of the German parliament’s Finance Committee, is quoted as saying: “We should have competition in the production of money. I have long been a proponent of Friedrich August von Hayek scheme to denationalize money. Bitcoins are a first step in this direction.” It takes time for ideas […]

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