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Rogoff on Seigniorage

January 11, 2017

In his book, The Curse of Cash, Harvard economist Ken Rogoff offers an excellent discussion of the modern seigniorage process: Instead of having the government print money and buy things directly, modern-day seigniorage is a three stage process. In stage one, the government spends beyond its means (its tax revenues) and issues interest-bearing debt to […]

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Notes on the Establishment of a Money Unit

TJ-Money-UnitAtlas is pleased to announce the release of a new, limited edition reprinting of Thomas Jefferson’s Notes on the Establishment of a Money Unit, with original photographs of the 1784 text. Envisioned by Atlas Senior Fellow Judy Shelton, this unique and beautifully crafted book provides the historical foundations of America’s ideals towards money and currency. In the foreword, Dr. Shelton asks, “Why did the man responsible for defining the ideals of a nation take it upon himself to define the value of its money unit?” For Shelton, the text, in its original form, makes clear both Jefferson’s thought process and clarifies his objectives. It demonstrates his desire to ensure money in America served as an accurate and reliable standard of value, not as another policy instrument for government to serve its own ends.


Roads to Sound Money

RoadsToSoundMoney-FINAL-IIThe Sound Money Project of the Atlas Economic Research Foundation is proud to announce the release of its newest publication, Roads to Sound Money. The project is a compilation of essays featuring some of the most visionary, yet practical thinkers on monetary policy from Atlas’s network. The essays range from reforming the fed, reinstating a gold standard as well as alternative monetary systems. The book was first presented to attendees of Atlas’ Liberty Forum in New York on October 3-4. Authors Jerry Jordan and Sean Fieler participated on a panel on the book during the event and presented their views on the matter. We now invite you to learn more about the book and discover the reforms that these authors suggest would put us on the path of sound money.


Fixing the Dollar Now: Why US Money Lost Its Integrity and How We Can Restore It

_Book-Fixing-the-Dollar-Now-Cover-Final-OutlineFrom Jefferson’s early warnings to Roosevelt’s Bretton Woods and Nixon’s Camp David ‘Shock,’ Shelton’s Fixing the Dollar Now is rooted in the “need-to-know” historical foundations of today’s dollar crisis. Drawing on the hard-learned lessons of the late-18th century, she first makes clear, “There can be no question that our nation’s Founders deliberately sought to ensure that the new government…would never be able to indulge in the same monetary fraud that had brought ruin and cynicism to the individual states.”

And yet, Shelton argues the story of sound money in America has been an incremental slide away from these foundations in the name of political expediency. “[W]e need to end the practice of having our “elastic” currency serve as the default mechanism for government fiscal irresponsibility,” she writes.

Easier said than done? Shelton offers five complementary approaches weighed carefully and tailored for today’s window of political possibility. Ranging from a reexamination of the Federal Reserve’s dual mandate to a responsible return to gold convertibility, Shelton’s solutions represent a bold yet well-reasoned challenge to today’s leaders in Washington.


A Guide to Sound Money

_SMP_guide_smallThe Atlas Economic Research Foundation is proud to introduce A Guide to Sound Money.

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This pocket guide, co-published byAtlasFreedomWorks, offers a concise, powerful introduction to Sound Money principles. Its easy-to-read and compact style makes it a great primer for distribution at conferences and public meetings, where you can help Atlas kindle grassroots interest and activism in the direction of stronger money. The Guide is intended for both educational use by the broader public and as a resource for policy makers when considering monetary issues.