Thursday, 18 September 2014


A model for a free market monetary reform

August 26, 2014

Despite the approval and respect central banks receive around the world, it is questionable that even the best of them managed to outperform previous monetary institutions (see, for instance, here). It is not uncommon to see free market advocates to call for a return to the gold standard. The intention is no other than a […]

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Friedman vs. Hayek on currency competition

August 22, 2014

In a recent post, co-blogger Jerry Jordan refers to the “new monetary scheme” offered by Friedrich Hayek in the mid-1970s. Hayek outlined his proposed reform in Choice in Currency (1976) and Denationalisation of Money (1976). Milton Friedman and others were quick to point out its shortcomings. I’ve written a bit more on the exchange between […]

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Sound money champions (from my album)

Posted by Alex Chafuen
October 30, 2012

    Over twenty years ago, Atlas hosted these sound money champions to discuss “Currency boards.”  Pictured here from left to right, Jose María Ibarbia, who pushed for sound money as an Argentinean Congressman, a student of Dr. Hans Sennholz, at Grove City College; Dr. Alberto Benegas Lynch Jr., Prof. Julio Cole (now at UFM […]

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The battle for sound money needs a change of mind

Posted by Alex Chafuen
January 21, 2012

If sound money was a corollary of the principles of the free society, an essential barrier to prevent government abuses, fiat currency is a natural consequence of the principle that there are no absolute truths: that law is a mere instrument of the state, that words can mean whatever the bureaucrats and the politically correct […]

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