Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Financial Crisis

Money in Bad Faith

Posted by Gonzalo Schwarz
January 21, 2013

The depredations of the Fed. by Judy Shelton The Federal Reserve is not your friend. Whether you reside on Wall Street or Main Street, whether you are a borrower or a saver, whether you lean toward the Tea Party or the Occupy Wall Street movement​—​or whether you simply believe in free markets and free people​—​loose […]

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“Fraude” New Documentary Film Based on Sound Monetary Analysis

Posted by Alex Chafuen
July 6, 2012

Thanks to Instituto Juan de Mariana for providing the script based on sound monetary analysis for the film Fraude (Fraud).  The documentary is in Spanish and includes the opinion of leading economists based in Spain including Jesús Huerta de Soto, Carlos Rodríguez Braun, Juan Ramón Rallo, and many others.   The film explains how government intervention […]

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Missing the Point

May 8, 2012

At The Economist blog Free Exchange, different opinions on the situation of Europe are discussed. More precisely, would fiscal austerity have made a difference, or was fiscal policy the right tool? Examples of economists in favor and against austerity are quoted to show the two positions, but the commentary is too framed on the issue […]

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The US Dollar Vs. Gold

Posted by Gonzalo Schwarz
April 27, 2012

by Jim Willie CB - Hat Trick Letter   The so-called Global Financial Crisis is a term so widely used that it has earned its own acronym of GFC. When first seen, it seemed like girl friend club or some such, since many friends use GF loosely to refer to sweethearts. The GFC is falsely named, since it is more accurately […]

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Did Bernanke Prevent Another Great Depression?

Posted by Gonzalo Schwarz
April 20, 2012

Did Al Gore invent the Internet? In a lecture given at George Washington University on March 27, 2012, the chairman of the Fed said that the US central bank’s aggressive response to the 2007–2009 financial crisis and recession helped prevent a worldwide catastrophe. Various economic indicators were showing ominous signs at the time. After closing […]

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Geithner Pens Another Ridiculous Op-Ed

Posted by Gonzalo Schwarz
March 2, 2012

Remember how every bank under my supervision failed? That’s why I need more power. Submitted by Tyler Durden Nearly two years after his catastrophic foray into Op-Ed writing, here is Tim Geithner’s latest, this time making the hypocritical case to “not forget the lesson from the financial crisis”… which he himself ushered on America as head of the New […]

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Business Cycles, Open Economies and Wandering Bubbles

November 7, 2011

In a previous post we commented on some aspects that are relevant for business cycles in the context of open economies. We also showed that in not a few cases the Mises-Hayek theory of business cycles is offered as an explanation of what went wrong. Even though business cycles have multiple causes and issues going […]

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August 10, 2011

The turmoils affecting the economics and financial markets in the United States and Europe do not seem to go away as fast as anyone would want to. Those who warned that this may be a crisis with a “W” shape may well be right. The recent downgrade in from AAA to AA- in the short […]

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Germany and the Financial Crisis

July 20, 2011

Lately, a lot has been said about Greece, Spain and Italy in the financial crisis affecting Europe. The fear is that these economies can affect the performance of bigger economies, like Germany, one of the largest economies in the world and the second worldwide exporter. Germany, as well, is in a precarious situation given the […]

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Budget Reform in Italy

July 14, 2011

Italy’s senate approved today a plan to cut government spending for the period 2011-2014. Italy’s public debt is more than 100% of GDP and the fiscal deficit was between 3% to 5.9% of GDP for last year. Similar situation is shared by other European countries like Greece, Spain, Germany, Portugal, Ireland and France. Europe, in […]

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