Announcing the sound money essay contest

Sound Money Essay Contest

“The economic and moral arguments for sound money”

The Atlas Network's Sound Money Project is proud to sponsor an essay contest for students, young faculty and policy experts who are interested in championing the cause of sound money and a better understanding of sound monetary institutions.

Description: The Atlas Network's Sound Money Project is holding an essay contest in order to raise awareness and promote knowledge about sound money and to identify young talent. The contest is open to junior faculty, policy experts, graduate and undergraduate students in the US. Participants in the essay contest must address one of the essay topics listed below (or a combination of them.) Essays will be judged on the basis of clarity of thought, understanding of the topic at hand and the level of originality of the author’s contribution to the field. Deadline: 11/15/2015 Suggested essay topics: 1) Money, liberty and morality: The moral case for sound money in a free society. 2) Sound money through the ages: An exploration of the moral history of sound money. 3) Inflation and the poor: An exploration of how discretionary monetary policy targets low income earners 4) Cronyism and Sound Money: Can sound money help prevent cronyism? 5) Money as a tool of the state: Implications for cronyism Feel free to use your own title related to the overall theme.  Eligibility: To be eligible, you must be 35 years of age or younger, a junior faculty member, policy expert at a think-tank or a graduate or undergraduate student from a fully accredited university. Essay Guidelines:
  • Essays must be written in English
  • Essays must have a cover page with the essay’s title and the name and affiliation of the author.
  • Essay must be at least 1500 words but no more than 8000 words.
  • Essay must be an original work written by the submitter and must not have been previously published elsewhere.
  • Atlas prefers a writing style which is accessible to educated laymen, but rigorous enough as to be used in college and university courses.
  • Atlas prefers well-researched papers with references and footnotes that back up assertions, but we note that our judges are not looking for the paper with the most footnotes.
  • Winning essays will become the property of the Atlas Network and may be published in print or electronically.
Prizes: Young faculty/ policy expert track: 1st prize: $2000 2nd prize: $1000 3rd prize: $500 Undergraduate/ graduate student track: 1st prize: $1000 2nd prize: $500 3rd prize: $250 Submitting your essay: Email your completed essay as a PDF document to SoundMoneyProject[at]AtlasNetwork[dot]org on or before 11/15. In your email, you must include your name, mailing address and your affiliation. If you have any questions about the contest or feedback about our larger work on sound money, please send an e-mail to SoundMoneyProject[at]AtlasNetwork[dot]org.

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