Reality Check: Is Rep. Paul Ryan Actually A Big Spender? His "Principle" Problem

Ben Swann of Fox19 in Cincinnati has been doing some great work recently. Here he discusses VP candidate Paul Ryan's record of voting for spending bills, e.g. TARP, the auto bailouts, Medicare Part D, etc. Although Ryan has said all of the right things re: Sound Money (see here), and has been a friend of the project, it is time to hold his feet to the fire to make sure that his actions match his rhetoric if he and Mitt Romney win the presidency. You see, sound money would have prevented the bailouts of the banks, GM, the airlines, and so forth, so it is disheartening to hear a politician talk about returning money sovereignty to the citizen and then run roughshod over the principles that sound money is there to protect. Politicking and being a "team player" are not excuses for voting against your principles; either you believe in sound money, and the restraints on government that come with it, or you are just paying lip service to those of us who do. Let's keep the pressure on, because the most important restraint on government is not a bill, or a loudly espoused ideology, but sound money. When politicians are forced to extract wealth from a population in a very visible and obvious way, as they must when they are bound by sound money, suddenly endless entitlements and bailouts become very unpalatable. It's time to make sure the reality lives up to the rhetoric. We cannot have politicians sell their principles to party or expediency. As Ben Swann might say, it's time for a reality check. "Ben Swann Reality Check takes a look at Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan's spending record during his seven terms in office." image:

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