Think The US Student Loan Bubble Is Bad? You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet

Note to the Federal Government: Champagne bubbles are good. The bubbles you've been giving us? Not so much.

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Submitted by Tyler Durden
By now virtually everyone has seen some combination of the two charts, showing the  magnitude of the student loan bubble, a topic which even Goldman Sachs decided to take on last week: The amount of student debt being taken on every year has been rising rapidly for years now (viaNPR) Frankly, by now the topic of US student debt has been discussed to death, and like every other bubble, it will keep growing, as the very fungible proceeds are used to purchase such mission critical "student" addenda as iPads and booze, until it bursts. Yet is it really that bad? And how does it look compared to some other countries' bubbles. Like that of the UK? Courtesy of Bloomberg we now know how a similar bubble is being blown across the Atlantic: Continue reading at Zerohedge... image:

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